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where did my coolant go?


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I got the car out today in some 60 degree weather. Top down driving on new year's eve: gold star for me.

It sat unused for the past 4 or 5 weeks while the weather got well below freezing and the salt trucks did their thing. Rain cleaned the streets; I was raring to go. Not far from home I noticed the Temp gauge zooming past 212, well beyond the 230 mark. Pull into service station and I add ~3 quarts of water (first one $1.29, next two free). Problem solved; coolant (I use 50/50) was low. I will add a some 50/50 to top it off.

But I did not notice any under the parked car on my walk around. Any theories how and why this happened? Hoses look solid.


Darth Vader
It was the tornado Tom. It sucked the water right out of your radiator.

Sorry Tom, couldn't resist... We escaped the big one at my house.


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Well TomFromStLouis
If the tornado did not get it-- :laugh:

Then maybe you did not let the thermostat open when you first filled the radiator up.---Fwiw--Keoke


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Hopefully Keoke is correct, Another possibility is a cracked head allowing coolant to be expelled through the exhaust pipe. Have you noticed any steam coming from the exhaust? Another thing is to check the oil to see if any coolant is contaminating the oil from a possible cracked head or blown head gasket. If you do see signs of coolant in the oil do not run the engine as it will destroy the bearings.
Good luck

Deleted member 8987

And, if you added three quarts (3/4 of a gallon) of plain old H20, I for one would NOT be adding 50/50 a/f mix.
I'd be putting the real deal in.

Another thing....just buy straight anti-freeze, top off, when you get halfway down, fill with wather, felt mark the outside "50-50 mix", or, if you suse a lot, save an empty gallon a/f jug, buy a new one, pour 1/2 into the empty, fill both with H20, mark both.
You will most likely be amazed at how much cheaper two gallons of home mix 50-50 is compared to two gallons of store-bought pre-mix.


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we lost fluid last summer while car camping and I couldn't figure out where it was going every day until I noticed a wet track as we pulled in and parked at a view point - it was blowing out the rad cap while (whilst!) driving. Replaced the rad cap and no problem.
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