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wheel paint


Jedi Trainee
Does anyone know where I can get the proper (or close) color for the wheels on my TR6? I would like to find it in spry cans if possible.

I had to buy 2 wheels and they are a different color of gray (silver?) Than the ones on the car. I would like to get them to match before I put the new tires on.

I guess I could just put the ones of the same color on the same side of the car!!! Maybe no one would notice. whataya think??

Thanks, Pete


Country flag
I like the same side of the car idea, I don't know exactly what color you need but check out rust-oleum spray paints at the local hardware store, I have used it on both wire and steel wheels, and it is durable and does prevent rust on the wheels, even if some has started before the repaint.


Luke Skywalker
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You're looking for "Argent Silver". Moss has it, as does Eastwood. I actually saw some once at a Home Despot, but foolishly didn't pick it up. You might also try a good NAPA...


Darth Vader


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Hammered Silver is available in a spray can. RUST-OLEUM "7213 Silver" I bought it the local Ace Hardware. I am using it on the A arms and transverse leaf spring on my old sports/racer.


Darth Vader
FWIW Hendrix Wire Wheel uses the Eastwood product, and have had quite a bit of good luck with it, so they tell me. I sure hope so, because thats what I bought.



Jedi Knight
If i recall, someone did a colour check for originality and found a mercedes colour matched the original the best. You might try a search for that thread.
I would want dupont imron paint for wheels since it is very tough and wheels are the roughest service for painted items.


Jedi Trainee
I found Rust-o-lem hammered silver at Lowes. I use it to paint the wheels. They look pretty good.

The trim rings and the center caps cover most of the wheel anyway. I plan on a custom wheel later so they will do for now.

Thanks again, Pete
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