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General Tech Wheel and tyre selection

Hamish Racing

Jedi Hopeful
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Just wondering if you can have too many wheels and tyres.
I still have 2 sets of TR6 steel wheels in the shed somewhere too.

on the left are my road legal but soft low profile sprint tyres. Lots of acceleration but not that higher speed. As I have a 4.1 diff now.

on the right are a set of second hand well used Avon CR6zz that I plan to use at aintree sprint as that is a fast circuit sprint and the low profiles and 4.1 diff will just not be fast enough.

In the middle are my vredestiens sprint classic “everyday road tyres”

And my skinny old spare that fits in the spare wheel slot.

collected over a few years and at relatively little cost. The wheels have been ÂŁ150 to ÂŁ200 a set and the tyres have been cheap too.

the sprint ones are on ready for 3 sisters sprint tomorrow.



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I don't think a guy with your interests can have too many tires...and GOOD LUCK tomorrrow.


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And I though I had to many fishing poles and golf clubs. I ounce had tires for all seasons now I have cars for all seasons. good fast and stay safe. MF

Geo Hahn

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I used to have a TR3A & TR4 and four sets of tires/wheels to pass around (steel spa white, steel silver, wires and JAP Magna).

When I was small I had a toy car (Schuco) with extra wheels and tiny knock-offs - that is what probably started me down that path.

Mostly gone now - the TR3A & 2 sets of wheels to Argentina, the JAPs to the east coast and the wind-up Schuco to my little nephew.
Hamish Racing

Hamish Racing

Jedi Hopeful
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Great day but hot. ( by our standards 27c (81 in your F scale)
lots of runs which is not usual in other event. Typically it’s 2 practice and 2 timed runs.
Sunday was 1 practice and 6 runs.

I got a bit wobbly on a run that caught my attention!
I have some video I just need to put it together

class results here

> TTT Live Timing <

148 shaun in his full race triumph dolomite sprint 1st with best time 88.31 (about 150+bhp)

147 Hamish 2nd TR3a 89.35 about 117bhp

146 peter 3rd TR7v8 (first event) 105.31 ( about 190bhp)

Very pleased to be only a second off shaun s time
In the clubs champs which works on a handicap I should be 1st.
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