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TR6 What make and size tire was on the TR6 when it left the factory?


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My understanding is that it was 185-15 redlines for the US market, and 165-15 elsewhere. My originals were Michelins, but they may have used other brands, too.


Luke Skywalker
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The redlines seem to have been common on the TR6 but Michelin XAS asymmetrical tyres were on some of the TR6 advertising as greatly improving handling. While the Michelin X tyres came in red line I can't find whether or not the XAS ever had them. Seems like the asymmetrical feature was overshadowed by the red lines though.


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Later TR6s came with redline Michelin as standard equipment. Earlier cars came with redline Goodyear G800 tires with the redline Michelins as an option. I don't recall when that changed but in the back of my mind I want to say it was the 1973 cars.


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My March '75 still has the original never mounted spare - a Goodyear G800.

OK, that indicates that it was well after 1973 when the redline Michelin tires stopped being optional and became standard fitment. So much for relying on my memory.....


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Hey, my memory gets fooled too. I'm not the original owner, but its probably the original. It would be interesting to know though - maybe someone can report on a '76. BTW, the Goodyear's redline is slightly narrower than the Michelin; I like the Michelin better.


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I know my new TR 250 came with Goodyear red lines ( 1968 ) that carried for a few years 1973 is a most likely switch. The reason I say that is most tire Mag. only run a line of tires for so long as car makers switch and demand falls off. They were 185-75 or 70-15 I forget The 70 had a high side wall as compared to say 50 or 60. The Michelins did have a larger foot print than the Goodyear and harder rubber and price to match. Finding a tire that fit the car in circumference is the trick I went to a 16 inch rim ( Alloy ) Moss tec on tires for TR's is a good start. Having a Red line may be the OEM look you wish but at $ 1,000.00 plus for four tires. I got five tires and rims for less than that but I did not want Red lines. Madflyer
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