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MGB What is a nice MGB worth


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Went and looked at a nice 67 MGB with a friend Sunday. White, restored, all mechanical seem to be in very good order, runs, shifts, sounds good, no smoke, good oil pressure, only issues a slight sag with the drivers side sitting lower than passenger, and a very stiff brake pedal and maybe not stopping quite as well as it should. Very solid, no bad noises.

Cosmetically engine compartment clean and original except engine painted black, redone interior, very nice down to the BMC radio. Paint very good, only flaw some very minor chips around the edges of the doors in 3-4 places. Chrome wire wheels, had rust in the usual places, but all appears to be properly repaired with new metal (passed the magnet test).

Lady seller (husband restored, got it in the divorce) started at 15, but admitted she would take 10. I am thinking decent deal on both sides at between $8-9000? But I admit I haven't followed MGB prices that closely. Sorry, forgot to take pictures, but the flaws are so minor they would not show up on web pictures, overall the car shows very well.

Mickey Richaud

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A '67 is often said to be the "Holy Grail" of B's - steel dash, stronger rear axle, etc., etc. But don't let that get in the way. This one sounds nice, for sure; definitely a better driver. White is one of the classic B colors, so check that box. Suspension sag (driver's lean) is easily fixed, but a cost. Brakes could be glazed from sitting, but may need attention - again a cost. Black engine bay detracts from originality, if that's a concern; but it's a driver, so...

You didn't mention, but if it has overdrive and it's working properly, a definite plus. Also, top in good shape?

Overall, based on what you posted, I think you're in the ballpark; with overdrive, maybe $10K.

Mickey Richaud

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No overdrive, thanks Mickey, I think Hagerty runs a little high ( more like Scottsdale Auction than private party sales prices) but that is helpful.


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I agree about the overdrive and would like to add that like with the TRs , the overdrive adds more to the value than typical "book" add on and helps sell the car later. Unless you don't mind buying a complete mess of pop rivets, bondo , undercoating etc. I'd look underneath it very carefully , especially the footwells and where the floors and sills meet. I'm looking for a pull handle model ( had one in HS) myself. Good Luck!


Great Pumpkin
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FWIW, our '64 was accepted as a $12K car by one of the classic car insurers. Rebuilt in-house; replaced floor pans, some lower body sheetmetal, refinished the facia, painted the original O.E.W. Interior not 100% original, passenger seat from a later headrest equipped car, driver's seat is a Recaro. Carpet is black open-loop synthetic.

Somewhere here on BCF are a few photos of the process. The $8K~$9K range would seem good for what is described.

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