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TR6 What glue for TR6 magnet in gas cap?


Darth Vader
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My magnet came loose from my gas cap. I used epoxy the last time, but it came loose on my cross country trip. Can someone recommend a glue that will work? Thanks,


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OK; I guess this question has made me curious enough to get into trouble. Why do you have a magnet in your gas cap?


Find an epoxy that claims resistance to gasoline. Though your magnet may never come in direct contact with fuel, it will be constantly surrounded by the fumes, which over time can deteriorate an adhesive.


Darth Vader

TR250 and 1969 TR6's used a magnet in the gas cap rather than a latch to keep it closed.



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What about hot glue? I believe it is a low melt plastic so I don't think the fumes would deteriorate it.
Also, why not just find a used one on ebay with the latch and just replace it?


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I didn't know until this post that the 69 was the only one with a magnet. I will try the glue first. If I can't find a fuel resisitant epoxy, I may try one of the Si gasket compounds. I will try Ebay if that does not work. Would I need anything besides the cap itself? What does it latch to?


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The only stuff I've found that will hold up to the gas fumes is a Permatex product called MotoSeal 1. I initially used it to secure the gas cap gasket on my wife's Vespa when I restored that. I had tried all manner of other adhesives, none of which worked for more than a few days at best. I found the MotoSeal stuff on Permatex's website, and eventually found it at a small local auto parts store. It's been holding that gasket for 3 years now, and I also used it as a supplemental gasket on the carb for the Vespa.
My magnet is loose from the cap of my 69 as well, as well as having lost some of its magnetism (sort of like its owner! :smile: ). When I get to that point in the re-assembly I plan to stick it back on with the MotoSeal and I trust it will hold it in place.
As a side thought, there may be an epoxy product that will work with the fuel exposure. Model airplane guys might have something like that, and it would have better adhesive qualities than the MotoSeal which is more of a silicone-type stuff.


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How about good old J-B Weld. Claims to be peroleum resistant and bonds just about anything.


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Lord "Fusor" products might be what you need for that gas cap. They offer catalyzed adhesives for all sorts of automotive apps.
I have used Fusor 143 to repair cracked interior panels on a Mustang. This product was the only thing that has worked long term.
I purchased my kit at API an auto body supply chain in New Kensington, PA.

Check out:

I am sure they offer metal to metal adhesives.

On the other hand, about that magnetic gas cap. My '69 also has a magnetic cap and I can think of all kinds of reasons not to trust that sucker. My plan is to switch to a spring lock type as used on the later TR's (and interestingly, on the earlier TR's).

Hope you are successful.
Keep on.
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