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What Gearbox are you using. Midget 1500


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Hi Guys,
I am building myself a track Midget 1500 but appear to have hit a bit of a wall when it comes to the gearbox.
Engine wise, for anything performance i have had to ring companies in the US as the UK do not seem that keen on the Triumph engine. We build a lot of performance A-Series engines at work but fancied a change, and cannot wait to get the Midget out.

My question, have any of you built a performance 1500, if so, what gearboxes, or gear sets did you use?
If it was a road build i would go the Ford 5-Speed route as we have with the A-Series, but with this being a track car i am keen to keep it a 4 speed.

Just curious to see what is available and if you have any experiences yourselves?

Many thanks,



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Can't help with the transmission, but, would love it if you could share the specs of that engine - looks amazing!


What are you doing to make sure the middle rod's and main get enough oil? Dropping thrust washers?



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Can't help with the transmission, but, would love it if you could share the specs of that engine - looks amazing!

Glad you like the look of the engine, we can't wait to get it built and in the car, the car itself has had a lot of upgrade work and will be used as a promotional vehicle at the race meets, hopefully with it being something different it will capture peoples attention. I will put up some more pictures and full spec for you shortly.

Can't help with the transmission, but, would love it if you could share the specs of that engine - looks amazing!

In many ways the 1500 is similar to the highly modified, bored out 1300 A-Series engines. So many of the same procedures. Centre main strap, oil cooler, correctly balanced and get the oil circulating through the parts that need it the most.
I will upload pictures of the work to combat the issues, for anyone that is interested. And then let you all know how it goes down the line :smile:


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Thanks - what are you using for a cam?
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