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TR2/3/3A what adjustment should i select with Koni shocks onTR3?


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Hi all, this car is a Sunday driver with standard coil springs and poly bushings. The instructions that came with the shocks are worthless. Any advice is appreciated


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Hi, I hope this answer helps.. I put the Konis on around July of this year. I have poly bushings, sway bay, revived camber, etc, I set mine at IIRC one click stiffer. They worked well, but it was apparent then rear shocks heeded help. I had 30wt Redlin shock oil in them. It was way to stiff. I replaced it with 10 Wt Redline oil and the car balances well. My rear shocks are original as far as I know. The key here is once you like the front end, look at tuning the rears.



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Hi all, this car is a Sunday driver with standard coil springs and poly bushings. The instructions that came with the shocks are worthless. Any advice is appreciated
I had Konis all round on a 1988 Commodore Turbo for 265,000km and have had them on my 2005 Commodore V8 for 320,000km. I also have them on the 4A with a telescopic conversion on the rear. I have always left them on the softest setting. On all 3 cars, the Konis have been slightly stiffer than the stock shocks and much better controlled. The suspension shop tested the V8 on their shock tester at about 250,000 when they did the bushes, hoping to sell me new shocks. They were still in perfect condition.

Unless you are going racing, I would leave them on the softest setting. I have always thought that when they wear, I would adjust them to a stiffer setting. My experience is that the cars will wear out before the shocks!


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Rocky has the answer...always the softest setting for best traction, unless you see the need to increase them. Increase if you are regularly bottoming the suspension or the car feels "bouncy" on some roads...or the tires seem to bounce off the road in corners. Too stiff makes the ride harsh and actually hurts handling. If way to stiff, the car will either jack up or jack down when going over a washboard road.
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