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TR4/4A Water pump and crank nose questions


Jedi Trainee
I am rebuilding my TR4A engine and I have an older spare engine that I can rob parts from. My question is: the later engine has a water pump with a boss with 4 bolts holding on the pulley (first picture). The older engine has a tapered shaft with a woodruff key with a different matching pulley (2nd pix). Also a grease fitting which the newer one has no lube option
Also the older engine has a crank nose with a shoulder dog bolt and holes for the fan (4th pix). The newer engine (already installed) has a regular dog bolt and no holes for the fan (3rd pix)
Also I can't find the torque spec for the dog bolt in the manual
What's up? Are these interchangeable? which ones should I use?
Al Shoop


  • bolted pump.jpg
    bolted pump.jpg
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  • keyed pump.jpg
    keyed pump.jpg
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  • new nose.jpg
    new nose.jpg
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    old nose.jpg
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Something is not correct. it looks like some put a fan on the water pump when the fan goes on the crank.


Jedi Trainee
I could believe that somewhere along the way, some one changed out the pump to this 4 bolt style, but notice that the associated nose piece has no bolt holes for the fan. Why did this mystery mechanic swap that one out too. It would have to had been custom made.
Something doesn't add up.
In the meantime the correct crank pulley was broken so either I go along with the madness (what do I do if I need a new water pump?) or buy the correct crank pulley.


Darth Vader
Pretty bizarre. Personally, I'd go back as original with both especially if you are sticking with the original fan (versus adding an electric fan). Also if you are rebuilding the engine, you probably should replace the water pump while you are at it.



Jedi Trainee
Thanks to all. British Parts NW identified the water pump and fan extension as coming from a Morgan.
Now I wonder where the engine came from originally, however I think I am going back to TR4 standard. Lot cheaper than Morgan!
Al Shoop


Country flag
I am not sure, but I think a Morgan and Tr3 and tr4 used the exact same motor, but I guess they could have modified the water pump. Just get a tr3 or4 pump and fix the crank bolt; they come up cheap all the time, Plus Marv on the forum here always has a tr3 coming and going for parts. Just give him a private message; he sells very reasonable.


Jedi Trainee
I have the correct nose and pump pulley from another engine. I was not able to source the Morgan pump anyway, I imagine it would be pretty expensive even if I found one.
Apropos this, is anyone a member of the triumph registry? I would be interested in the history of the Morgan mod. Chassis # CT55092L Engine #CT59353E
Thanks to all
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