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was this wire brown in 1967?


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ok so im tring to get the radio back in to the 340 aka MK2, the hanes manual says there is a brown wire going to the radio Junction from the ampmeter. so what is a radio junction? so i run the radio off the ammeter?
I have a wire that that might have been brown in 1967, going from the ampimeter to some where and now that is snapped off so somewhere I might have a wire end hitting the fire wall. joy. so thats the for the radio? its not visibly part of a harness.

I got a sunny week end coming up. should be able to get the new gas tank in.
oh and the wood trim might go back in.
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Watch the brown wires. Had a 73 GT6 that I redid the tranny and on reinstalling had left the brown wire to the radio hanging. Told wife NOT TO USE heater fan for air movement until I could plug it in the next day. Little heed was my warning, burnt the dash harness on her way home from work and I then spent the whole night rewiring the whole dash and ignition. Nothing was reusable and luckily I had a second car for a harness.


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thanks so you agree that was a full brown in 1967 and should go to the radio.
the car has been on fire once this year.
what i would like to do is run the radio through one of the jag 3 postion switches so that it has no power. power when i use the Ipod. and power and anttena in the top postion so far no luck getting that combination.


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Purple/Red is a switched hot wire.


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The usual description of a brown wire is hot at all times and not fused.


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I have two wires from the radio (retro sound) yellow that says battery and red that says 12volt accessory.
so i have the yellow run to the battery and the red to the ampameter is that right?
or should it be yellow to brown and red to purple/red
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