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Warehouse Full of NOS Parts


Jedi Knight
FYI...........this was just posted on the Triumph Mail List:

This is a website ( https://maxwell-thomas.com/default.aspx ) for a company that recently purchased a 2 story warehouse full of NOS auto parts. Appears to be mostly vintage Lucas from the 1950s to the 1980s. You can go on the website and see pictures of what they have inventoried so far. If you want something, you send you them an e-mail and they will list it on EBAY. Some of the parts are already listed on EBAY.

You may want to pass this on to the British car clubs/folks you know.



Country flag
They have been on ebay for 3-4 months or so. Never contacted them directly, but I can say that I am a happy purchaser of a couple of switches off them, and yes, they seem legitimate.


Russ Austin

Jedi Warrior
I wonder if this is the company that bought out Paul Oglesby in Madisonville, Kentucky. Paul had about a 75X150 pole barn full out NOS British parts and another 75X150 attached that had used stock. I really miss that place; I bought a lot over the years from him. I bought a hardtop, NOS Stone guards in crate paper with the StanPart name dated 1958.


Darth Vader
Yep Russ, I miss Paul also. Bought my body tub from him and went to severaal of his spring open houses. He had 20 years in the business.

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