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Wanted Wanted - C39 Dynamo [22258D]


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Hi All,

Happy New Year to a great group.

Looking for a date correct dynamo for my '57 TR3. It needs to be a C39 (22258D) with a date code in Jan 57 or earlier (say mid '56). The one I have now is a C40 with a '62 date so I eventually want to replace it with the correct one. It doesn't need to work but looking for something inexpensive that I can rebuild.
Please let me know if you know of one (and cost).




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Hi George. I have a C39 that has been off my car for about 3 years now. I went to the dark side on originality and installed a Triumph Rescue bolt on alternator. My car is a 59 TR3A TS42756L, but this C39 is not original to my car. It is 22258B and looks like a date code of 1 53 which makes it quite old. It was rebuilt for me by a British Vehicle Electric shop near Toronto. The other minor consideration is that it is negative ground polarity. Would this unit interest you? I have tried to attach a few pics. I live near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Frank D........
1A2DA544-8BE8-444D-8150-AD2025E3D448.jpg IMG_0701.jpg IMG_0702.jpg