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VTO Performance Wheels, Spring Sale

VTO Performance Wheels- Spring Sale, order a set of 4 wheels, and we'll take $50 off your total.
Hap Waldrop
Update, for the Spridget crowd, we will introducing the VTO Classic 8 in the 14x5.5 for the Spridget, we had in the Retro 4 design in that size and bolt pattern for a few years now, and are expanding it to the Classic 8 line, it will probably another 3 months or so before they are in the warehouse, but it is coming.
What is the offset on that wheel? Same as the retro four? +22

I'm doing some body work on a project car and I could use my bugeye wheel/tire to check fitment if they are going to be the same.


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Pretty sure it does , but, Hap hasn't been around for quite a while - give him a call he is a really nice guy!


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Hap suggested a 14 x 6 to fit a BE. The Classic 8 are available in Silver w a Polished Rim. That's what Bugsy is getting. A discussion Team on 14 x 5.5 vs 14 x 6 for a BE is in order. And any sticky tire recommendations. Not something with a 400+ UTQ Rating but not a $200+ a tire < 200 UTQ Rating. Something in between that will fit with a 14 x 5.5 or a 6" wheel. Trevor are you running a 5.5" Tire on Ugly Bug?


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Oh never mind. This is an old VTO sale add from 2013. I was getting excited here.


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yeah sorry about reviving old posts....been scouring the archives looking for wheel info. I did see that Hap wasn't associated with VTO any longer but the acmespeedshop.com site still shows VTO wheels?


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Hap sells both VTO and Silverstone II wheels and can give you good info on fit. Give him a call, he's always happy to help.


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I'm running the JBW 14x5.5 wheel mounted with Dunlop 185x60rx14 Direzza Sport Z1's this set up is smooth as silk!! Road force speed balance is the way to go!!


I don't mind the finish on the JBW's (although I really liked the gunmetal centers on the Rota RB's) but the 185/60 R14's probably wont fit under the SWA on my '65. I'd have to run a something like a 155/70 R14 and there arent many tire options in that size


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I have a set of Haps 13" 8's set aside for a 65 Sprite under restoration. They do not have tires mtd as yet but you are welcome to look at them for fitment if that would help.
The car is in Norman.
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