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Victoria British Head Gasket


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This is my first time using their gasket. Copper colored on one side, silver on the other. It appears to have some sort of coating, a rubbery kinda feel. Do I spray it with something or install it dry? Thanks.


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I always coat both sides with a heavy coat of Permatex #80697 Hi-Temp spray copper gasket sealer - not sure if it's really necessary but I've never had one fail with the copper spray, so I keep doing it. And, it' easy to clean off when it's time to remove the head again.



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My experience is like Dave's I have used the Permatex copper gasket spray on a number of cars, including my old 100, which is notorious for head gasket leaks. Never had a problem. Don't know if the spray makes a difference, I put it in the "can't hurt, might help" category.

So do as keoke said.
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