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Vauxhall Victor


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Interesting story here - last year at a cruise nite I met Howard who was restoring a 1960 Vauxhall Victor. We chatted and off he went. About 3 months ago a request for a Victor trim piece appeared on a Yahoo group I am a part of (britcartalk) Figured it was the same guy (what are the odds of another french Canadian guy with a Victor) Anyway, popped off an email and sure enough, and the car is only 3 blocks away. Then I bought a Vauxhall so I emailed again and yesterday went to see the car - Oh my heavens! This is amazing! When Howard was 13 his cousin bought a new Victor and Howard swore he would own one (he's 64 now). Fast forward to a couple years ago, he subscribes to Old Autos Newspaper and sees one in a picture, tracks down the owner in Quebec, contacts him and buys the car. The car is all original, no rust, 23k miles that the then owner had bought it from an old family friend. Howard has had it repainted a darker grey but left the door jambs and the interiors the original grey and then had the upholstery redone to make it 2 tone - he has upgraded the trim level to a Super and has sourced the most amazing NOS stuff you can imagine. This is a pretty obscure car, partly cause it's a saloon and basic, therefore a throw away car but it is as pretty and thorough and sympathetic restoration as I have ever seen. Here's a pic.

Then, while we are looking (I had the Midget out front) This Kaiser pulls up - they have never been my cup of tea and yet I love their uniqueness! It was very original (except paint I think). Love that flathead though! Just one of those cool moments when everyone appreciates everyone's cars.
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