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TR6 Vacuum Retard question


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Evening all,

I am planning to have the distributor on my 1973 TR6 rebuilt this fall. I plan to have them replace the vacuum retard with vacuum advance. At the same time I am having my carbs rebuilt. They will drill the required port on the rear carb for the vacuum line to the distributor. I am curious if I can just disconnect the current vacuum line for the retard w/o having to do anything. I'm just curious what having no retard will do to fuel economy, performance, etc.
Thanks in advanced for any answers.

1973 White TR6


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Yes, you will need to tightly cap or seal the nipple on the bottom of a 73's rear carb if you disable the vacuum retard 'feature'
The 73 cars had a Thermostatic Vacuum Switch (or "Valve" if you prefer) in the top radiator hose. If no one has removed it, a vacuum line from the rear carb went there before reaching the distributor Vacuum Retard module.
If it's still there and if you are doing away with the RETARD, you can replace that whole deal, the 2 section of radiator hose and the TVS with a one piece radiator hose for the pre 72 cars.
There will be no change in performance by deleting the retard....And though I have done the same, added the Vacuum Advance module from BVU, I won't make any claims as to improving performance or gas mileage...any change was subtle, not exactly transformative and not to extent that it got a "WOW!" from me, but that's not totally unexpected considering when the vacuum advance is actually active,
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