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Uprated or 'umbrella' valve stem oil seals for BN1


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Hello all. Where can I source uprated/"umbrella" valve stem seals in the US? Moss has them, but shows them only for late BN4-BJ8s, so I assume BN4-BJ8s valve guides and seals are different specs from a BN1/BN2. Moss has the O-ring valve stem seals, but I'd rather not use them. Thanks!
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I had great success on my BJ8s with a high temperature Viton O ring for my valve seals .
I just took a new sample O ring from the head gasket kit to a hydraulic supply shop and they matched it with the high temp version (they were much harder and a light brown colour)
No oil burning on either of my cars .


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Thanks HN. I went ahead and ordered the BN1/BN2 valve seals from Moss. It's not burning any oil; I've got a sticking exhaust valve and I managed to cut the exhaust valve seal when I removed and reinstalled the spring set/retainer assembly. Incidentally, the machine shop that rebuilt the head used bronze valve guides (which is fine), but they failed to sufficiently ream one of the exhaust guides, so now I've got a sticking exhaust valve. What a pain..
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