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Unusual Leaf Spring


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Wondering if anyone can identify these unusual leaf springs (or at least unusual additions to normal leaf springs) from the BN2 project we're working on:


Specifically, there is obviously at extra leaf with its own unique profile. It appears to have an "anti-squat" or "anti-tramp" function, and we're wondering if it is a custom modification, perhaps a period "kit," or perhaps even a different model originally supplied this way back in the day. Again, this is from a BN2, build date 1 November 1955, that had a single owner 1962-2019, and he was interested in performance mods. We wonder if he made this modification or perhaps bought them this way. He is, unfortunately, no longer with us to clarify.



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No specific knowledge of the above, but we used to know these things as spring helpers.

They were usually to aid towing...unlikely on a Healey? I don't know if they are effective as an aid to worn springs?



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Excellent research - thanks Rick.

The PO did indeed seem to have been performance-oriented and we have a few snapshots of the car on what appears to be a track. In the pictures there are no other cars and no numbers or decals on the Healey, so it looks like he just liked to do hot laps.
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