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TR2/3/3A Turn signal and control head memory refresh.....


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Usually means the stator tube is either broken, or slipping in the gland at the front of the steering box.


Darth Vader
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Usually means the stator tube is either broken, or slipping in the gland at the front of the steering box.

By gland do you mean the olive? I've removed the lock nut and olive at the steering box several times for various reasons . Is reusing the olive causing the issue. Is the purpose of the olive and locknut to keep the stator tube still? Would a new olive solve the problem. I don't think yhe stator tube is broken as i had it removed recently.


Darth Vader
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How about the 3 screws in the steering wheel
I think that is the issue here.For some reason the control head instead of sitting flush to the hub it is cocked on an angle about 5 degrees at the bottom so I don't think the grub screws are grabbing the plate where they are supposed to! Can't figure out why the head it out of kilter or where it is bent.
How much of the stator tube that contains the wires is sticking out of the steering box at the bottom on your TR3?


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The control head has a short piece of tube sticking out that has a rib/key that engages in the slot in the stator tube.



Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Mine only sticks out by 1/2" or maybe 3/4" tops. No doubt there is some variation, but 2" would make me wonder if the upper end is properly engaged.

This is where the tube usually breaks

And here you can see the row of dimples that are supposed to engage in the slot.

These are parts from the non-adjustable column; adjustable is similar but the tube is shorter, the slot longer, and the piece that sticks out from the control head is quite a bit longer. Here's a shot from Macy's Garage showing the relative slot lengths
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