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Trying to ID some old classic car gauges


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I'm an aircraft nut and recently bought an old aircraft gauge at an auction in the UK. In the box were a load of old British classic car gauges. I wondered if anyone here could help me ID them please?

The first is an oblong Smith's coolant gauge. I did a search and a similar but different gauge was supposedly used on an Austin A40. Does anyone know which car mine was fitted to please? I have a bunch of other bits too I'll post when I sort out pics.

Thanks for any help you can give

I think I posted this in the wrong section! I'm sorry. If you knew me you wouldn't be surprised!


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Elliot, I can't help with the ID but am taking the liberty of moving the conversation to the Restoration and Tools section. This section is for help navigating the forum itself. You are more likely to get answers in the new location. Good luck!
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