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TR2/3/3A Trunk floor replacment


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so I’m coming to the end of floor and inner sill replacement and have been looking into the trunk floor replacement. The car currently is still on the frame, so I guess do I replace the trunk floor while it’s still on the frame? Or can I do it when I have it off the frame? The spare wheel house is good, the closing panels and extensions are good, just the center section is bad, as well as the section under the gas tank seems to be missing. Am I at a safe point to seperat the body and finish off all the underside welding, as well as trunk replacement.



Darth Vader
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I'd probably fit the new trunk floor with the body still on the frame just to be safe....just my two cents.



Senior Member
Thanks for the input Tush, i was leaning that way but hoping I could do it off the car. But as you said better safe then sorry


Darth Vader
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Yeah, at least tack it in solidly and then go about your underside welding.



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I suppose you could do it off the frame, but I did it while still on the frame. The spare tire well has to be supported (by a jack) or it will swing down after you cut out the floor. I cut the old floor out in sections, but when I went to install the new floor, I had trouble getting it in through the boot opening. It just seemed to big to fit. I must've messed with it for 20 minutes or so, until I finally found the sweet spot. I screwed it together temporarily with sheet metal screws while I plug welded it in from the top.
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