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True Amos Colors



Well, the Crypt Car as usual is again broke down....
waiting on parts ( 3 ea 5/16" by 24 nuts from Paul)
so I can replace DPO Pedro's blown water pump.

I figured it was time to address the mess in the engine
compartment. I stripped the existing down to bare metal
and laid down a blue/grey rust primer from a local

Then two coats of no gloss, flat, iron oxide rust and
one coat of clear, flat polyurethane topcoat. It
matches pretty good with the red exterior of the car and
brings out the chrome in the engine bay.

About 80% of the engine bay is now flat rust red.

I got the new wire harness routing sorted out fairly
well and installed the bottom half of the new hood latch
assembly. Also installed the new emergency hood release

The Crypt Car is still deader than dead but poco a poco
Amos is emerging.

One day, soon maybe, my TR will accomplish 70 or even 100
miles in a single day without a breakdown. True colors:



Jedi Knight
Breathtaking, a work of ART !!!! /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/cheers.gif


Great Pumpkin
Very, very nice!

You just need a little "Billy Bling" in there. Maybe some matching red air cleaners?


Luke Skywalker
Country flag
Well done, and when did you say you were coming to NC to help with a ground up.



Great Pumpkin
Country flag
How in blazes did you do that with all that stuff in there.How did you strip it and keep everything clean?



I removed a lot of stuff. Everything along
the firewall was taken out of the car. Other
things, I disconnected and moved out of the way.

I stripped small areas at a time and used a single
edge blade to scrape and collect the old paint (goo).
Then I used more stripper with heavy gloves, a mask
and med grade steel wool. Threw away many hunks of
gooey steel wool.

Hand wash stripped area with Green cleaner and plain
water. #220 sand paper the small amount of rust I found.
Fan dry, xyxol wipe and primer laid down over work area.


Brosky said:
You just need a little "Billy Bling" in there. Maybe some matching red air cleaners?

Uh, er, ahem, at least my head is painted OE-black.
<span style='font-size: 8pt'>Ok, ok, so my timing chain cover is <span style="color: #FF6666">red</span>.</span>


Hey Bill-

Need bling??

All the bling in the world will not help get
my dead TR6 operational; let alone reliable.

I am construction a colorful, static monument to
man's folly and own stupidity.

This DPO Pedro scam car should have gone to crusher a
very long time ago. I need to post a photo of our
NEW crusher. It is nightmare material.



Great Pumpkin
Dale - that car is looking more and more like it just came from a full rebuild. And you should be proud that you're the guy who did the rebuild - Congrats! Seems it's worth than than being just a static monument.

You mentioned several times that DPO Pedro is still around. I'm interested in what he was telling you after the sale, back when you showed him his "rebuild" wasn't quite what he advertised.



Obi Wan
I like the Fuscia color better!

No really looks like you put a lot of nice detail work under the bonnet!

No car crushers in the future of the Crypt Car!




DPO Pedro totally denied he ever had a problem of
any kind with the car. The second day after Wendy
purchased it, when the radiator blew up?

DPO Pedro claimed he NEVER had a problem with the
radiator. The local radiator rebuild guy said Pedro's
radiator was filled with stop-a-leak.

The electrical problems with no lights anywhere?
Pedro said it must have been a blown fuse. They worked
when he drove the car. Strange hough, most of the wires
were not connected to anything.

The rear shocks were not even bolted to the frame.
DPO Pedro claimed that was my fault>

etc, etc, etc.......................


Obi Wan
We should introduce Pedro to my Ex Wife, They'd get along great!


Jedi Knight
tinster, put some water wings on your car and bring it up the intercoastal waterway, then turn left(west) into the St Lawrence to the Great lakes to Michigan.I am in the middle of the state so its your choice of Lake Huron or Lake Michigan. I have tons of spare parts,and lots of 1/2 full cans of all colors of paint. You come up with the ideas,and we'll make it happen.


Obi Wan


Does Puerto Rico have a Consumers Affairs Dept, Bureau of Auto Repair?

I would think that a report to some governing body would be considerate. Advising of the safety concerns that were overlooked, or bypassed.
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