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Trouble posting pics


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Hey Boss, for the last while I have been unable to post pics to the forum. I follow the usual rules - hit 'upload' and nothing appears. The last pic was only 27k so not too big. I tried in a reply to with quote/ a reply to without quote/ and a new post. No luck.

any ideas?



Staff member
You are not at your max storage for attachments (you're at about 42Meg of 60Meg allowed for your subscription level). Therefore, I would guess that something in your browser settings is blocking the ability to upload pictures. Make sure you don't have popup blocker enabled. Also, try clearing your cookies (you will need to log in again after doing so). Just as a test you might also try a different browser. I'm going to try uploading a picture in this reply just to ensure that things are working on the server side: (Worked so most likely the problem is with your browser settings and/or cookies)

Post Lizzard SM.jpg


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popup blocker it is - thanks boss!
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