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General TR Triumph Photos


Luke Skywalker
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Don Elliott

Obi Wan
The photo of the TR4 with all the water spray was taken during the 1964 Cross Canada Shell 4000 Rallye - probably somewhere in Manitoba. It is one of the 3 powder blue works cars which Kas Kasner prepared in Portland Oregon with Oregon plates - not the British plates originally used. These cars all exist today in England and regularly run in serious rallyes.

I did that rally as a navigator in a Renault R-8.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A


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Great photos. Especially loved the parking lot!! Thanx for sharing.

Geo Hahn

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Modern digital photos are no doubt more accurate -- but my memories of that era are all in Kodachrome. Thanks for sharing these.

Oh, and 3 out of 4 chimps prefer the new TR4A.



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Yes, thanks for sharing.

I'm 79 years old so by definition, I'm old-school (my grandsons use dinosaur). For some reason, I love seeing the side-curtain Triumphs with "full" white walls. Not that the others look bad, but that "look" is etched in my memory. The same with "wires" vs "discs". I drooled (& still do) over the XK-120 & 140 but they were just a dream. But in that dream they still have "full" white walls & "wires", except for the discs with the rear wheel skirts (spats?). Just rambling!



Jedi Trainee
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Great Pictures. Almost missed them. I really enjoyed checking them out.


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Great pics also this article was on TireBuyer.com https://blog.tirebuyer.com/cars-we-love-1955-triumph-tr3/?cid=Email_Newsletter_022016_007&utm_source=exacttarget&utm_medium=email


Luke Skywalker
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I don't see a car in the one picture, so can I assume the blonde is signing papers to buy a new Triumph?
Nope....That's a photo of British actress Sabrina (the photo before her is the Triumph TRS "Sabrina" engine).


Mickey Richaud

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Great stuff, Jay.

That last one: "Hey, Beav - watch this!"
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I think that 2nd to last picture is from the show? It's Wally and Eddie walking away from the TR. Question - how did they get 5 guys in the TR? :smile:


Obi Wan
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Ms Sabrina looks like she'd be dangerous in a front-end collision. Maybe even if she were in a car.

Also, it seems weirdly appropriate that she'd be advertising projection equipment.
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