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GT6 Triumph GT6 MKIII rear hatch springs


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Hello all fellow Triumph (and classic car enthusiasts).

I am new to this forum and was seeking some information regarding the rear hatch springs on the GT6 MKIII. Mine is undergoing a refurbishment and I was considering having something done with the hatch springs (the hatch has got a bit tired over the years and will only prop itself open at about 60 degrees. What I would like to know is who originally made the springs for Triumph. Failing that does anyone know someone that has refurbished / replaced them successfully and how much they charged? Any information on how to get them back to their best would be appreciated.



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Well I have an Extra one but I am in Nevada USA so not much help. I have no idea what it would cost to send it your way. If you come up with a way contact me. The only other way would be a gas shock to add to your hatch. glad to help if


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Madflyer, thank you for getting back to me. Since I posted I have managed to make a bit of progress. I have found the left hand side spring (New old stock would you believe), I now have the frustrating issue of only half a problem! Who knows, if I fit the new half it may be enough to bring the whole thing back to life, utilising the existing old right hand spring.

Thank you once again and happy motoring!
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