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TR2/3/3A trim to hold down the furflex


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Hey David I remember an old post where you fit some trim tohold down the furflex at the doors what did you find out there? I have a fragmentof the original stuff and it some kind of tar pressboard any suggestions



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I used 1/8" hardboard that I cut to match the "A" post profile and about 3" wide. Then glued the Furflex to the body side of the hardboard. Attached it to the car with a few screws. Then glued the kick panel carpet in. Used a few screws with the chrome washers along the carpet edge. There is a slight bump at the edge of the hardboard.
I can't put my hands on my photos at the moment.



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No worries about the photo I can see the idea. Yeh I have some door skin veneer stuff around here that is a 1/8 maybe 3/32. I was hoping you found some kind of black tar board that they used. I might go with a different product other than the furflex because I have had problems with the glue on the furflex letting go and the furflex spins free and rolls out after time. I guess I could sew a bead down the furflex if I learn to sew.
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