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Treasure or Trash


Freshman Member
I have borrowed the title of this thread from a thread of the same name that was on the Austin Healey Forum in July - http://www.britishcarforum.com/bcf/showthread.php?119994-Treasures-or-Trash

It is a very thought provoking thread. "What to do with my car archives and artefacts?" is a question that many owners of classic cars are asking themselves around the world.

The Austin Healey fraternity are quite well served by professional archives and a Museum/archive to which material can be donated. To mention two - The Warwickshire County Record Office Warwick Healey Archive and the Healey Museum in the Netherlands.

I am not so sure that owners of Rootes Group cars are that well served, or at least they weren't unil failrly recently. Some of this Forums' members may be aware that the Rootes Archive Centre Trust (RACTS) built their own centre to house drawings, documents and memoriabilia near Banbury, Oxon. U.K., this was opened in April 2018.

Reading the "Treasure or Trash" thread on the Austin Healey Forum made me think of the RACTS facility and I wanted to either bring it to this Forum's attention or remind members of its existence. Of course, it isn't there just to receive donations of material (or Dollars :)) but can be the source of information. Here is a link to the website - https://www.rootesarchive.org/

I was priveledged to be at the opening in 2018 and I also went to the Sunbeam 'Open Day' last year. Below are links my reprots on those events. If you are offended by being taken off the BCF website then please do not click on these links, It is not the purpose of this post to promote my website, I do not need to. If you get pleasure from your visit, then that's me satisfied.