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TR6 Transmission Locked Up


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I have owned this 72 TR6 for 30 years or so. Within that time, I have done a few clutch jobs that went well. Recently I replaced a clutch with a new Roadster Factory "Magic Clutch" kit. While the transmission was out, I had a machine shop resurface and balance the flywheel. A new pilot bearing was inserted into the flywheel. The new clutch went together without problems. During the reinstall, my transmission refused to go in all the way. After multiple removals and alignments of the clutch, I was still unable to get the last inch into the engine. Finally I raised the engine about 1/4 inch and the input shaft finally slid into flywheel perfectly. Life was good. Unfortunately, I found the transmission was now locked up in neutral. I cannot get any movement out of neutral or rotation of the transmission output shaft. I hate to think I need to start all over. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas where I can start or what may have caused this????


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I pulled the cover off just a while ago. It appears two of the three rods are frozen in place. I can not get any movement via the shift lever or by manually trying to move it. No foreign objects, no visible damage: just locked up. Anyway, I know the problem is in the rods and not with the lower case. I had lateral motion in the shift lever (similar to neutral position) which is why I thought it was locked in neutral. In reality it was in a forward gear. I'm going to try to seek out some professional help on this one. This is just a little over my head. Thanks for your response, much appreciated.....


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Just a wild thought... maybe try removing the spark plugs so there's no compression and try to gently rock the car?


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Was it working properly before the installation? Trying to narrow down the possibilities.


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There are a number of spring-loaded balls and pins in the shifter, providing detents for the gear selection and arranged so that you can't shift into two gears at once. I'll bet that one is jammed, or for some reason won't release. The shop manual should show how it goes together, and there are good references on the Buckeye Triumphs web site:

and also the VTR (scroll down to the bottom):

You already know that the problem is in the shifter, so no need to think about removing the transmission again.


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With the top off check the REV gear on the bottom of the case, it floats easily and the rods are tight to move out of Neutral. Madflyer


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I just wanted to close this thread. Found the problem: it was with the shifter that was stuck in place and locking out any gear change. Had to dissemble the shifter and reassemble. Working OK now and the car is back operational. Thanks to all who responded. Your help is greatly appreciated.


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I assume you fix included checking the interlock balls and pin in addition to the detents. It will work fine without them until it decides it's time to lock up. Don't ask how I know.
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