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Trafficator arm issues.

Rob Dodge

Freshman Member
I have 2 different trafficator arms on my '48 Jaguar MK IV. The SF 35 CE has 2 electrical connections and after cleaning is working fine. The SF55L has 3 connections and is not working. The solenoid draws current but will not raise the arm. If I physically raise it to light the lamp I get lots of smoke. There appears to be insulation missing around the lift mechanism but I am not sure if it should be on both sides and the back. I would like an idea of what the wiring should look like. Is the +ve to the bulb going through the whole lift mechanism? Any suggestions for a source of information? Most likely these are not Jaguar specific trafficators.


Darth Vader
I googled this and there is a pretty good bunch of wiring diagrams for the IV. My friend has them on his MK7 and is rare for US imports. He bought new from a shop in Italy that was on Restoration Garage, the Guild, in Canada. He repaired the wiring himself and i did not see how. But there are diagrams you can print. P.S. it seems one wire is for up, one wire for down, and third for light, and body grounds them.
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Luke Skywalker
Haven’t used three wire ones. It only needs power to lift...return is done by the weight of the arm(this is a two wire unit)
Not a Jaguar specific item, and can be had here in the states.
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