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Wedge TR7 Brake squeal


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I had my rotors and pads replaced at the end of last season. They worked great, but I had a loud bearing noise. So at the beginning of this season I had the front bearings replaced. The bearing nose was gone, but a very loud brake squeal started after 10 miles. I mean bus loud. I brought the car back, and the mechanic (that I do trust as very good with the car), and he de-glazed the rotors and pads. 15 miles later, full sound is back. I had put on semi-metallic pads from Moss Motors, so I ordered organic pads from Rimmer Bros and had those put on. I also replaced with new shims, pins and clips. They were quiet for about 30 miles and then I have an intermitted rubbing squeak on the driver side, and a squeal on the passenger side. Not as loud as before, but I have to brake hard to avoid the sound (very annoying). I have an appointment to have this looked into. I am thinking new rotors and / or new calipers? Any ideas would greatly be appreciated. Rotors are cheap, calipers are not.:tennis:


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Couple of tricks you might find helpful:
1) File a small bevel on the leading edge of the pads (the side that touches the rotor first as the wheel turns in the forward direction).

2) In the 'HELP' section at FLAPS, you can buy aluminum sheets with adhesive on the back. Stick them on the back of the pads, where they touch the pistons, and trim away the excess with scissors. The relatively soft aluminum helps dampen vibration without interfering with brake action.
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