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TR6 [TR6] removal of front transmission seal


How do I removed the seal on the front end of the transmission?

Its pressed in there, and its leaking bad. I have already damaged the seal trying to removed it (I have a new replacement).

It looks like the one thats in there is a small, thinwall steel sleeved pressed in.

Do I just gotta heat the piece up and pry?



If you mean part #53 from the Moss Motors page then these are typically destroyed when you remove them. You have to pry them out or use a seal puller. Just remember which side the lip faces.

Moss on-line Catalog page



Yes, its part #53.

Seal puller? Hmm. I dont believe I've ever seen one.
I guess its ok to pry it out, as long as I don't damage the housing?

The transmission goes back in this weekend! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/driving.gif


I got it out, but it wasn't pretty.

Small screwdriver & deadblow hammer.

New one is in, however the transmission install has been postponed. My buddy broke 2 exhaust bolts on his 76 Firebird, so I've been messing with that all day. (and the next few days).

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