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TR6 TR6 rear main seal housing special bolt ??


Jedi Warrior
Getting ready to bolt up my flywheel, clutch and trans, but before that happens I would like to get something cleared up. IN Roger Williams book he mentions the top bolt in the rear main seal housing, he says it is a special bolt, but I dont see a special bolt listed with any of the suppliers. The bolt I did use was slightly shorter than the rest and I did use the copper washer with it. What is the special top bolt that Williams mentions and why do you even need to use a cooper washer?


Jedi Knight
After reading your post I went and checked my engine, which at the moment is conveniently disassembled and therefore easy to inspect. I did not see anything special about the top bolt of the seal carrier other than using the copper washer.
The reason for this one copper washer is to prevent an oil leak. The threaded hole for this one bolt passes through the block and into the crankcase, the holes for the rest of the bolts are blind and will not weep oil.
When installing that bolt I would recommend using a new washer and coating the threads with a sealant such as Permatex Formagesket #2 or something similar.
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