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TR6 TR6 project with one dead cylinder ?


Jedi Warrior
Someone just called me about a TR6 that he has for sale ,

California rustfree with a hardtop,

but it has one cylinder that is dead ,

so what is the normal TR6 problem ?
burnt valve or ????

the seller is 73 years old so its hard to get much out of him ,

I am only getting it to fix it a bit and sell it and use the $$$ for some of my other projects,
I figure if I can get it running better I might get $5000 or so for it,
not as exciting as the 100-6 last year but at leasat its something

thanks for your help



You are almost going to have to chase it down. There is no one thing to look at first. Plug, wire, distributor cap, valve, valve spring, valve adjustment, it could be anything.
Check the easiest and cheapest stuff first.


Jedi Warrior
What do you mean by "dead", not firing or no compression?

Geo Hahn

Country flag
I'd start by seeing if the cylinder is getting spark (just cause that is so quick and easy) then a compression test.

As noted, there are a lot things (many of them simple to diagnose and remedy) could be making it a 5 cylinder engine.


Jedi Warrior
eejay56 said:
What do you mean by "dead", not firing or no compression?

its 200 miles from here and I have not seen it yet ,
I do not plan on driving it home , so thats not the problem ,

The old man seller just said it had a dead hole , I do not think he knows either



Great Pumpkin
It could be a steal or a literal dead hole through the side of the block.

Get some pics and see how it looks. It could be well worth your efforts.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
FWIW I was once given a VW Rabbit with a "dead cylinder", "probably a clogged fuel injector".

Turned out to be a blown head gasket. Drove it home on 2 cylinders, dressed the head by hand, stuck in a new gasket and it ran for years. My stepson put probably 50,000 miles on it with only tune-ups and belts while he was in school; then sold it still running when he got a job. Best free car I ever got.


Jedi Knight
Dead cylinder? Lotsa possibilities! Worn cam lobe, Pushrod off of the rocker, Badly burnt valve, Valve not closing, Valve badly out of adjustment, Broken valve spring, Hole in the piston, Broken rings, {creating a no compression scenario} Badly fouled spark plug, Bad spark Plug wire, bad distributor cap {missing one contact}. All you can do is take a look at it see if it, in your opinion is worthwhile.
Were it me, I would take a battery and enough equipment to start it up, have a listen, Check the rad for compression bubbles, check the exaust pipe for any signs of a leaking head gasket and go from there. If the price is right, you can`t go wrong!
Just M.H.O.


Then ship the car to Dale in Puerto Rico
for new suspension. Amos needs a brother.

d /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/cheers.gif


Jedi Warrior
thanks for the info ,

I was just wondering if TR6s had a "usual" problem,
like #3 exhaust valve on an aircooled VW motor,

the price is right so I am going to buy it unless something drastic is wrong with it,

But hopefully its an easy fix so I can send it down the road quickly.....

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