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TR6 TR6 Oil Capacity?


Freshman Member
Getting ready to attempt my first oil change on Saturday on my BRG 1976 TR6 and to install a spin on adaptor. Have ineptly searched on this forum and the web for info re the oil capacity. Bentley guide says oil sump and filter capacity is 10.8 US pints. Would appreciate someone advising whether this is the proper amount of oil to add for an oil and filter change. (I see that most everyone recommends Castrol 20/50 weight oil.)

Would also appreciate any special guidance anyone has to make the installaion of the spin on adaptor go more easily.

Thanks for the help.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
I think the "change" quantity is less; 5 US quarts should do.

And just to present all sides, I have had some bad experiences with Castrol 20/50; refuse to use it any more. I only use Valvoline, preferably their full synthetic.


Interesting article in one of the dailies here that Castrol is coming from Chavez' Venezuela. Haven't researched it yet. But if it does, I know I'll quit using it and probably stay with Valvoline VR1


Dump in five (5) quarts of your favorite motor oil (no synthetic), run the engine a few moments, shut down and check your dip stick. When installing the spin-on filter, make sure you angle it just enough to be able to get to your slave cylinder in the future.


Jedi Knight
With a filter change, it takes a full six quarts in my TR6 with a OEM oil pan and a large remote spin on filter. The 10.8 pints sounds about right for the standard filter. I agree with others that posted, put in the 5 quarts and after a short engine run, top it up to the full mark on the dip stick.

I had sludge build up more than I thought should have occured using Castrol (20/50). After a rebuild, I am still using it because I don't know what is better. I don't think the seals, front and rear, will allow the use of synthetic without leaking. I would like to use an oil that has more detergent or what ever is an anti sludge agent than castrol has. Bearings and rings seemed to wear very well with the lube qualities of the Castrol, it just let more sludge build up than expected. I have to add, I don't have any real references for the build up, so it could be what I should expect.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
vettedog72 said:
I had sludge build up more than I thought should have occured using Castrol (20/50). After a rebuild, I am still using it because I don't know what is better.
With Valvoline Synpower, your rocker shaft will stay clean as a whistle. You won't have to scrape sludge out of the pan, either.

Didn't make any difference to the leaks on the TR3A, but it actually cut oil burning dramatically on the Chevy (after it went up sharply when I tried Castrol).


I don't seem to have any sludge in my pan and I use Castrol 20W50 oil. Maybe because I change my oil every 2000 miles.
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