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TR6 TR6 meeting my Demands & Giving Back more!


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Me with mag 10-60-18.jpg

No clue 42 yrs ago & still loving it 380K+ miles Countless Great People some I've known since the early 80's driven through 12 Western United States & Canada.

After 10 yrs (1983-1993) of entering retired from carshow judging simple show up open bonnet & trunk walk away socialize & look at others. Favorite Car Show Awards People's Choice President's Award Best in Class lots of 1st place VTR Nationals Triumphest California ATDI Pacific Northwest

Thank You to Derek Graham David Stuursma/Damon & Ray Smith for honoring my pride in ownership & workmanship in Preservation Driving of my TR6

1) Derek Graham TR6 Register. Uk emailed inquired could he include my TR6 photo & article about TR6 with 360K+ miles on it in TR Action November 2016 issue 294 page 25

2) David Stuursma Editor for Moss Motoring Magazine caught up with me at Woodley Park All British Field Meet somewhat puzzled about the current mileage sign posted on windscreen a TR6 with 370K+ miles on it could have the appearance of a Trailer Queen asked would I like to grace the cover of Moss Motoring Magazine issue 3.2018 Cover Photo article along with photo shoot pics by photographer Damon Schnepf

3) Ray Smith facebook messaged asked to use the front shot of my TR6 as profile picture for his Everything TR6.UK & World Wide Facebook site. Photographer Dale Berman shot pic of me with Moss Motoring Magazine


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Brilliant, sir!

Congratulations. And thanks for the link to the videos.
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