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TR6 TR6 Hardtop Factory vs Aftermarket


OK so I am looking for some opinions on hardtops for TR6's I am consdering restoring an original and buy a new fiberglass after market one. Who out there has a factory one? how do you like it, and who has an after market one and how do you like it?




Jedi Warrior
I have the Parrish Plastic top (now- Smooth Line), I really like it and perfer the looks over the factory hard top. It has a more modern and sleek look, and it is light and mounts easily. I have not had any problems. I had it painted to match the car and it looks good.


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Geez, Don, my ears are ringin'! /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smirk.gif

Tom Parrish's tops fit well and look good. I've sold a bunch of 'em in past, to fit BMC/Leyland and Alfa Spiders.

That said, the factory ones are somehow "classic" looking and a bit more period appropriate. If you've a choice (and if so, I envy you) go with the factory one.

My tuppence-worth, only.


Jedi Warrior
Sorry, not up to speed on downloading and sending pictures, the top is off right now and I would have to scan a picture that I have. Hopefully in a few months I will be able to get some pictures on here.------regarding the top if you like an original look than go with the factory top, But if that doesnt matter and your more for looks than I think the Slim Line top is the only way to go.


Well, I can tell you what not to get: Snugtop! My TR6 came with a brand new one.....I installed it recently because the convertible top frame needs a touch of welding...and the TR has to spend the winter in the driveway..When properly installed it's quiet, cozy, and pretty nice inside....but gawd it's awful looking. And when you really look at how is made it seems very cheap, even the rivets holding the chrome trim on are plainly visible. If you've the option to get a factory top, get it! Not only are they valuable, but they look great and suit the car much better. I have factory tops on the MGB's and love them.




Jedi Warrior
The hard top company is Smooth Line (not slimline) and they have a great web site and a picture of a TR6----click on the- hard top- box and you will see options of different cars to look at.


I picked up one of the Smoothline tops a few years ago with a parts collection purchase. Then I stumbled onto a really good deal on a factory hardtop. Hands down prefer the factory hardtop. Especially after I insulated it. Tended to sound like a tin can in a heavy rainstorm. The fit of the factory hardtop was better, visibility was better (quarter lights are larger) and I felt it looked better. Ended up giving the fiberglass top to my step dad for his TR6. /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif He likes my factory hardtop better as well, but is satisfied with the Smoothline for now.


Jedi Hopeful
I agree - the factory hardtops were designed as a total package style wise. My '78 looked just like this one (I don't know why I never took any pictures of it).

I know you are referring to the TR6, but the Spitfire equally shows the value of the factory top.

Adam H.
1973 Triumph Spitfire.


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Jedi Warrior
I guess Its just a matter of taste, but for me I think the the factory hardtops look a little boxy and with its quarter lites (that the Smooth Line doesnt have)it makes the car look more like a small sedan instead of the sports car that it is.
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