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TR2/3/3A TR6 Gearbox in a TR3.....Use a TR6 clutch disc and pressure plate or

Hamish Racing

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I have an early tr6 A type od gearbox.
Initially I had the TR3a clutch as the previous owner had it set up on a lightened original flywheel.
After some gearbox work the gearbox man re drilled and tapped the flywheel to take the later diaphragm clutch on the basis it’s designed to take more power and slightly lighter action. ( the mountings are different)
I think the later clutches are cheat too I think.
All the hydraulics remained the same.


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Has been a long while since I fitted a J type OD gearbox to my TR4. From memory it was an easy fit using a new clutch and pressure plate from the 6cyl gearbox, and the TR4 flywheel which I lightened.


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I used the TR6 Clutch.



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If my memory serves, you must match the front box nose to the clutch you use. The TR3 with fingers used a longer nose, while the later boxes had a shorter nose to clear the clutch diaphragm.
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