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TR6 tr6 fuel sending unit


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So my gas guage was reading 3/4 when the tank was full, and 1/2 when it was empty. After a little testing, I got a new sending unit, removed the tank, replaced the sending unit, replaced the dried rubber hose below the tank, and the fuel filter and those hoses as well as the filler neck gasket that hed been leaking for years (with replacements purchased 3 years ago). Now it reads empty with less than a gallon in it. Don't ask about the gas bath or the clean spot in the driveway, but be sure the hose size is 5/16 not 3/8.

Anyway, after it's all back together and in the garage, I have to know what's wrong with the old sending unit. First, the float is about 1/2 full of gas. Second, the downward travel is limited by something rattling inside the cover that turns out to be the top of the rivet that is used to hold the phonelic card to the body. The rivet rusted in half! I might have learned from this to use 'better than' parts when replacing, but realize this may have already been beter than original. In the picture you can see the black spot between the unit and float that is the top of the rivet. The bottom rivet is OK.


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Ya needed to replace the float with the Ford one ala those Conn. boys


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Yeah. The float on mine also had liquid in it - I assume it was gas. I debated whether or not to drain it, but ended up putting it back in as is. That was 4 years ago.

Had the opposite problem with hoses - someone had fitted 1/4" hose. The 5/16" isn't quite as restrictive.


The Ford part is COAZ-9202-B. It's brass, it's nice, but not as cheap as it once was. Expect to pay about $10 for one. However, since it sounds like you now have a new sending unit, it's likely to be years before you need a new float.

I now have the Ford float in the project Spitfire. It's a little bigger in diameter than the Smiths float but fits the arm very well.

Picture Here:
Click here!


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Thanks Don! I was having trouble getting the link to work.
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