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TR6 TR6 Dash Support


Can anyone tell me if the dash support actually supports the dash or does it just hold the radio?

I am thinking of taking out to give my right leg some more room. Who needs a radio anyway.



Darth Vader
It supports the dash and center of the car, as well as providing rigidity to the frame.

Some have removed it, I would not.


As Ray says, big mistake to remove it. Not only does it support your dash but helps to prevent scuttle shake. After a few hundred miles, you car will rattle horribly.


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Another vote for not removing it Colin ... you won't believe how much your whole "scuttle" area will shake. I drove mine once without it while I was doing some trans work and I wouldn't drive it that way again.

Good luck.




I had to drive my car about 5 miles without it.
Everything was shake, rattle and roll. Mine
was in poor condition so I stripped it down to
bare metal, filed it smooth and powder coated
it gun metal black. Looks real nice.

I am not reinstalling the radio. I had a blanking
plate engraved to cover the radio holes.

You best put it back in.

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