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TR6 TR6 Clutch Question


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A few weeks ago, my clutch slave cylinder pipe popped off. I just finished replacing it with a braided steel line from Moss. Everything bleeds out just fine but I am unable to pressurize the slave. I am now thinking that the clutch master cylinder failed which somehow forced the original plastic pipe to fail. I have ordered up a new master cylinder as well as a new slave. Prior to the failure, the clutch was a little stiff to operate. Do you think I am on the right track or is this action an overkill? I would rather replace items now and get reliability rather than have something fail and regret not doing it when the car was on jackstands.


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Depending on the condition of your cylinders you could try just the replacement kits rather than the whole cylinders. I would have to defer to others whether you're on the the right track or not. Replacement kits are relatively easy to install.


No, the length and id of the hose is immaterial. It is just a conduit for the pressurized fluid to travel from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder...

Now the caveat. If the hose is too small a restriction in flow can and will develop. But you would have to be extremely small in inner diameter to have that affect.
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