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TR4/4A TR4A seat retaining clip


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In the process of rebuilding a set of TR4A seats. I'm looking for the infamous seat retaining clip. It's #50 on the Moss schematic. It's been out of production for many years and have been unable to source them anywhere. It's the only seat component I cannot find. I've reached out to the local British Car Clubs in my area and my dad's area and no one has a TR4A. I'm hoping that someone would be willing to let me borrow one of these clips so that I might have a replacement set machined at my local machine shop. Willing to send a deposit to ensure safe return. Or if anyone knows of a place to source one. Would be greatly appreciated.


Luke Skywalker
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Is this something that can easily be removed and replaced from an existing seat, or would that require disassembly?


Luke Skywalker
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Interesting. A google search suggests most cars don't have this clip - and one that does says it does not provide much resistance to keep the seat in place, and is like a razor blade in the dark.


Obi Wan
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Yes, it just makes it a little harder to raise the seat. I don't see the need for it; my seats don't have it and I don't miss it.

By the way, were you able to find a source for the long spring (#40) or did you just reuse the old one?


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I have yet to rebuild my seats (on the list). But, did a lot of research and came up with two options for spring #40

Century Spring Corp. PN 5528. $6.24 each + $15 add’l fee for orders under 40 count ~$27
-Length: 13.3:
-Diameter: 0.5”
-Rate: 2.8 lbs/inch
McMaster Carr PN 9640K144. $11.86 each
-Length: 12”
-Diameter: 1”
-Rate: 2.5 lbs/inch

I have no idea how these compare to the originals. I was going to wait until I tore down the seats to inspect the originals.


Geo Hahn

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I'm hoping that someone would be willing to let me borrow one of these clips so that I might have a replacement set machined at my local machine shop.

My recollection is that they were tempered steel (dark and bluish) so not exactly something I would call 'machined'.

But they were fairly useless in my opinion and no harm seems to come from omitting them.
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