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TR2/3/3A TR3A Front Sway bar- how to install?


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I've finally got the suspension in on the 3A and now need to mount the front roll bar. This was part of the car's "kit" parts that were removed by the prior owner as part of his effort to start a restoration. As a result, I have no idea how this installs. I'm pretty sure the links connect to the eye bolt below the shock pan but I'm clueless where the bar mounts attach to.


Does anyone have a picture or instructions on how this is installed?

Ron W


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If you can locate a copy of More BS about TR's by Bob Shaller there is a description and picture of a modification he did to his TR3 for the sway bar install. I did it to my TR3 and it works well. Maybe someone on the forum can upload the article and pic?


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I have a pdf of the More BS on TRs. I just converted the page with the sway bar so I could post it. I can get my car up on the lift tomorrow and take some pics if you need. I didn't do it the Schaller way. Doc1-page0001.jpg


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I also used the Schaller method and it worked well, although I didn't notice until I got it all done that one of my bumper brackets must have gotten hit in the past and is bent, so the sway bar is slightly crooked. The bumper is straight though, which I guess is why I didn't notice. One of those moments where you get the whole thing done, then finally step back and look at it and go "WHAT THE F#%&!!!". Doesn't seem to affect anything though, and I'm sure I'm the only one who's ever noticed.

I don't think that's the Addco sway bar though. There are others out there.
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I purchased an aftermarket bar from Rimmer Bros in the UK. Always quick shipping and at that time a good exchange rate. I hope the pictures and instructions help with yours. I still occasionally autocross the car with SCCA and the front bar tamed the body roll. I think the car drives better on the street.

View attachment Front sway install-compressed.pdf


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Thanks Jim! The aftermarket bar looks a lot stouter than the one I have. It might even be a larger diameter.

I appreciate the pictures but it looks like my sway bar is slightly different and my mounting brackets are quite different from yours. My sway bar has square bushings and I believe the links connect up to the eye bolt located on the arm below my shock tower pan. Although I like your setup and connection to the pan, there were no lower arm brackets like what you have.

Again, I appreciate the pictures!

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