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TR2/3/3A TR3A front coil springs - 9-1/2" or 11"?


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TR3A front coil springs - 9-1/2" or 11"?

I am thinking of replacing the front coil springs on my TR3A since they are not in good shape. I see that Moss says that Triumph released a bulletin saying the 11" TR4 springs could be used in place of the original 9-1/2 inch, but without the aluminum spacer. Is there any benefit to one or the other length? Thanks!


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Re: TR3A front coil springs - 9-1/2" or 11"?

Any opinions on the benefit of 9-1/2 inch front springs versus 11 inch? I'm not going for originality just best handling. Thanks!


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Re: TR3A front coil springs - 9-1/2" or 11"?

A lot cheaper on the longer (TR4) spring. That could be reason enough to get them.
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