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TR2/3/3A TR3 windscreen/windshield glass


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Looking for a good source for a new windscreen glass for a '56 TR3. i called myself looking around, but wanted to see what others had done and the costs that you had to pay.




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Moss Motors and I think they are $300. Others have them cheaper but they are not as thick (.20" vs .26") and they don't seem to fit in the frame as well.


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I bought one from Moss several years ago that was undersize (not as thick as original), but it was only about 0.020" thinner. It was on sale for $75 when list price was about $200. It fit fine. It's the one in the car at the moment.


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I got a couple windshields from Victoria British. They were a fraction of the cost and well packaged for shipping. Both (TR3 and MGA) were the correct thickness and installed fine. They both look great. My one warning is that the TR3 rubber glazing is too thick (both Moss and VB). I used the rubber glazing seal listed for the MGA (from Moss) and it was thinner and easier to install.

Soap it up good when putting it together. Good luck. Patrick


I also installed a Victoria British windshield with no issues. Btw, I used a "cloth electrical tape" as the seal around the windshield, it's about 0.013 inch thick if I remember right and looked just like my original seal. Put it on centered on the edge and wrapped it over, did some trimming around the corners to avoid bunching up. This is the old style electrical tape, I found it at the local Rural King, has fabric woven into it. Same tape works great for repairs to wrapping in wiring harness.
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