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TR2/3/3A TR3 Steel Wheels


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I got a Rimmer Bros. TR2-TR6 Big Sale catalog in the mail.

In it I noticed they list New Steel road wheels for the TR6 as either 5.5 J x 15 or 6 J x 15
and Alloy wheels for TR2 to TR6 as 5.5 J x 15.

Is there a difference between the TR3 to TR6 wheel stud pattern or would these steel wheels work for the TR3?
I did manage to assemble a good set of 5 steel wheels.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Stud pattern is the same, I have original TR6 wheels on my TR3.

My only concern with the alloys is whether they would clear the calipers. The later brakes were slightly smaller; probably to give a bit more room for the wheels. I once had some Asian rim.that fit fine on the back, but hit the calipers up front.


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My thought was that it would have been nice to have new steel wheels. I had to acquire 2 and a bit cars worth of wheels before I had 5 good wheels.

I presume the 5.5 J wheels and tire may be too thick to go in the spare compartement.



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I don't think you can run the TR3 hubcaps on TR6 wheels.

If any wheel manufacturers(Moss?) are listening I would pay wire wheel or alloy replica prices for new Tr3 steel wheels.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
I presume the 5.5 J wheels and tire may be too thick to go in the spare compartement.
Mine sure are. I use a "compact spare" tire mounted on a stock TR3 rim for the spare. If I get a flat, the big wheel has to ride home behind the seats.

I don't think you can run the TR3 hubcaps on TR6 wheels.
Depends on how badly you want them :smile:


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Same setup, different car

PS, note that they are later TR6 wheels, that I modified with studs for the TR3/4 hubcaps. Using 69 TR6 wheels won't look quite the same, as those studs stick out quite a bit and so hold the cap farther out.
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