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TR2/3/3A TR3 sag to the left [port sag]


Freshman Member
My 1959 TR3 has developed a 3/8 inch sag to the left (drivers side). I suspect it is from the rear suspension. Is there an easy cure for this?

I know this has probably been discussed previously but search ing with the word "sag" did not work for me

Mickey Richaud

Staff member
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"Bachelor's lean" - one thing you can do is swap rear (and maybe front?) springs. Otherwise, new springs all around.


Senior Member
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As I recall, there has been discussion on this forum about a facyory installed shim for the driver's side. Check the catalogs.

Geo Hahn

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My 1959 TR3 has developed a 3/8 inch sag to the left (drivers side)...

If this came on suddenly - I would be suspecting a broken spring. Know that the spring can break in a spot you can't easily see.

As I recall, there has been discussion on this forum about a facyory installed shim for the driver's side. Check the catalogs.

The shim is on the passenger side.

It is counter-intuitive... because the rear is underslung adding a shim lowers that side.


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Have you tried feeding your wife more?

Seriously, check the driver side rear spring for a broken leaf. It can be hard to detect if it is a middle leaf, so you must look closely.


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The main leaf often breaks right at the U bolt. Like said it is difficult to see. I think it is because the steel is so hard and the break is so clean and tight, it is difficult to see. It looks like a pencil line or hair line fracture.


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If you found rear springs Unless new would most likely have a sag also. If they are broken or not find a spring shop and have them repaired. If you can not find one asked a boat repair shop You're in the Bay area South City good start. Boat trailers are known for bad and broken springs. Madflyer


Darth Vader
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If you do have a broken spring it is possible to replace the spring w/o removing the axle of diff. How easy that is mostly depends on how easily the bolt on the front spring eye comes out.

I still have nightmares about removing that bolt. Soak the area with PB Blaster and tap with a hammer every day for a week and you may luck out.:grief:


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Leaf springs are not that hard I did replace all springs on my Jeep CJ 5. On my FORD pick-up I added a booster lift leaf spring due to extra weight I carried to jobs. As karis59tr said rust and working under car with out lift best may be cutting off old U bolts and or clamps. And yes you can replace just one leaf if it is broken but I would do the same to each side. Also try a 4X4 shop Madflyer


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I know what you mean Carl--- my tr3 scared me for life. The last time I replaced them, I had the tub off, and it was not too bad because I could heat up the bolt and drive it out of the sleeve to the outside of the car. If you do have a broken spring, the forum will be a helpful source because I would say those bolts come out friendly, like the Hanes manual suggests only about 10% of the time. Most times, it I basically cocktail of methods along with reinventing something like the wheel; they are very inspiring for new mechanical ideas.
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