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TR2/3/3A TR3 pushrods; Nothing seems simple any more


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Got back to engine building this week and decided I needed a new set of pushrods. Here what I learned: LBC has original pushrods for about 5 bucks each. TRF has "Chrome Moly" pushrods in a set for 80 something. They are assembled and standard length. The other chrome moly pushrods that I found were either shortened a bit or left unfinished on the upper end and much more expensive.
As you might have guessed, I ordered the standard pushrods.
So the questions are: 1. Is there any reason other strength to go with the TRF pushrods (weight for example)? And 2. Would the TRF rods be suitable for a performance application?
Yeh Tom I do not actually know much about racing, but TRF when they offer something up like that the product has been well thought out. I do hear a lot of chatter about those speed shop parts for the tr3, but again I do not know for sure. I would probably purchase the TRF stuff and not be afraid to drive the car hard.
British Frame & Engine has the chrome moly pushrods in whatever length you need...$85...I got shorter ones because I took 0.085" off my head. I don't remember how much shorter they were, as I just got whatever Ken said I needed.
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