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TR2/3/3A TR3 Battery Recommendation


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I have been wondering about what battery to buy for my 1959 TR3 and curious if there's any recommendations from LBC experts. I think the question is very subjective as far brands and all of that so I am more interested in what size and type I should consider. I have converted my TR to a negative ground and I am will use halogen lamps, LED lights where ever I can, and afford, plus install a modern radio and sound system eventually. I think the look of the battery is somewhat important but not real critical, I am not a super fan of the new modern design I have seen since they have such a strong "modern" look to them (no offense ment if you have one in your LBC :congratulatory:smile:. Performance and longevity are the most important factors I am guessing, holding a charge for long periods of non operation etc. The next follow-up question is where to purchase is also something I'd like to know if there's a better option. Thanks!


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Basic Walmart group 24 here that I took the stickers off. It would look better without the handle but I use it.


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A group 27 will fit the box and provide enough cranking amps. A 27 F is the same but with the terminals reversed but I don't think that matters much with the TR3. The original battery, from my unreliable memory, had the posts toward the firewall.
Don't count on a big battery to handle halogen lights and other electrical loads, that's the job of the generator.
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I go to Sears they have a wide verity and I buy a big heavy one; it is all about the lead in those old styles. Plus Their guarantee is great.


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I'm happy with my Costco (Interstate) battery and Battery Tender ™
trickle charger... 1st battery lasted 8 years.


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Don't count on a big battery lights handle to halogen lights and other electrical loads, that's the job of the generator.
A generator has a limited output . If you want to run and the key word here is "run" high powered equipment you should consider an alternator. I use a group 24 hold up very well over long periods of non use. I use Sears batteries. I buy the better models. I subscribe that in most cases you get what you pay for. If you buy the cheap model over the more expensive one you are likely getting a "cheaper" product as well.


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I'm happy with my Costco (Interstate) battery and Battery Tender ™
trickle charger... 1st battery lasted 8 years.
The great thing about Costco is their guarantee. They don't prorate like almost everyone else does (including Sears). I returned a battery to Costco earlier this year that had only lasted 4 years (in a non-LBC that had other problems) and they gave me 100% credit towards a new battery. All it cost me was $5 because the core charge went up during the 4 years.

By contrast, the last time I took a battery back to Sears because it didn't last through the warranty period, the replacement actually cost more than the original battery did! I bought the original battery on sale. They pro-rated from the sale price, but would only apply that to the list price for the new battery. So I paid some $60 originally for a 72 month year battery that only lasted 4 years, and they gave me $20 off on a new battery for $85. So I paid $65 for the warranty replacement on a $60 battery! Last battery I ever bought from them.

O'Reillys was even worse, they currently offer only a 2 year warranty on batteries and tried to refuse to honor the 72 month warranty on the last battery I bought from them. I had to get the manager and point out that the warranty terms were printed right on the battery before they would give me any adjustment at all.


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The great thing about Costco is their guarantee.

Yep, Sears played games with me, too, and I haven't been back in over 20 years. Had a Saab that was very hard on batteries, needing replacement every 2 - 2.5 years, and received good service from Costco every time; no questions asked.

Last time I replaced the daily driver battery, Costco had switched from Johnson Control to Interstate batteries...
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