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TR2/3/3A TR3-A replacement top


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Finishing the interior and soon moving on to the top. Moss sells two materials for tops ROBBINS STAYFAST and ROBBINS VINYL. Stayfast being the more expensive of the two which sort of makes me jump to the conclusion that is the better option. But that may not be the case. Does anyone know which is closer to the original or "correct" top. Unfortunately I do not have the original top. And heck I may never put the new top or side curtains on.

Secondly, I am probably going to buy new Moss side curtains does anyone know which top material matches their side curtain. The Roadster Factory rebuilds side curtains, which is my other option. I probably have 8 pairs of side curtains but first they are in one of my storage building 800 miles from my home where I have two more TR-3s and secondly being 60 years old they are probably not quite straight.

I have included a couple of photos of my interior build.

Appreciate any sharing there knowledge and/or experience.


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Looking nice...I like your mods to bring things together easier.

Robbins is probably the oldest and most trusted top manufacturer in the US. Chances are there will be very slight differences in the pattern from their top to your original side curtain material, but finding the original will be difficult in any modern material you will find. It will be close enough to be passable, though. When I did my TR3A, I used the Robbins top from Moss, and then contacted Robbins directly to buy 3 yards of the same material for the sidescreens. I think the material ran about $95 with shipping. Moss gave me the material code to match.


I don't know if this will help, but here is a couple shots of my TR3 with the Robbins vinyl top and int, and the TRF be built side curtains.Int.-web.jpgRF-web.jpgRR-s-curtain-web.jpg


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What is the transmission in your TR3?

I went with the J. Skinner top and when I had it fitted I got the side curtain frames adjusted then sent them to TRF for covering.

Am using the top more for sun shading in the Georgia summer than rain proofing.



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I had an original TR3 back in the 60's. The vinyl top was original. I believe you can get your side curtains done in either material. Check with TRF to verify.


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Nice tr3 parkerg1---, I remember that color from high school, I think. I really like the color and almost painted my first car a very similar color--- a dark green blue
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