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TR4/4A TR3/4/4a Transmission rebuild question


Jedi Trainee
Hi all
I have a 4 speed transmission from my restoration car which ran fine when I replaced it with an OD unit from a parts car. I would like to rebuild it and sell it on. I'm currently stuck trying to get the extension housing off not having the recommended churchill tool 20.s/63 puller. Know any tricks someone?
I'm sure to have more questions as I continue on
Thanks in advance
Al Shoop


Jedi Trainee
Hi Berry. Good information. Pretty easy to make the homemade tool. I noticed that I didn't remove the speedo drive so that is hanging me up for sure.(Thanks also Phil for that)
This distancing stuff is letting me do projects I never thought I would ever get to.
More as I go along.
Update. No cable nut to try to pry on. Tried a small hose clamp over threads, no luck. Tried thin chisel, vice grips all to no avail. The speedo drive is really stuck in there. Next stop (tomorrow): a little heat persuasion. Ultimately it's probably no good anyway so I will sacrifice it.


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Screw an old speedo cable on the drive and using a screwdriver to pry it out is about the only way to remove the drive without mangling the threads.

Graham H

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First remove the securing set screw that locates and holds the speedo drive in the extention. When you make the extension removal tool make sure you use sturdy parts, that sucker can be really stuck on there.



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I am going to repeat what Graham above says. I actually have one book that says use a soft face hammer and tap the extension off,HA-HA-HA. My experience was the extension was extremely hard to get off and I built a tool similiar to shown above. Based on my experience I would never try to work on the extension without it being off the car and I realize that was written up by very knowledgeable guys at Buckeye. Probably each experience could be different but I have done two and had much trouble with both. My homemade extension removal puller started bending so I recommend build as heavy as you can. Having said all this I wonder if it is worth the trouble for you vs what you will get for the transmission built by a non-professional (what I am assuming you are). Personally I would sell it as is, the next owner can build it with components that he wishes ie:$30 synchronizers vs $15 etc. My 2 cents worth Bruce


Jedi Trainee
Well noted Bruce. This morning I tried heat along with other persuasions and got nowhere. Totally destroyed the speedo drive. It's corroded together brass and aluminum. However I was able to bang off the extension with my 4 pounder without further damage. I was a factory trained Mercedes mechanic for more than 30 years and have rebuilt many of those transmissions both manual and automatic. I did overhaul my overdrive sucessfully. The TR gearbox is a different animal. In the last analysis, I think you are right and I am going to ebay the shafts and gears which seem to be in good condition and let someone else have the headaches.
Thanks all for your good advice
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